Call 715-447-8497 to order supplies

Most Reed is now $8.50 per pound coil. Most sizes are now available.

large assortment of handles in wood, leather, and metal, call 715-447-8497 to see if I have the size you are looking for

large assortment of beautiful wood bases, we make any size, in walnut, oak and cherry.

hundreds of patterns, some out of print patterns!

Packing tools:
heavy duty $9.00
  small bent tip or straight $7.50

Red and White handled weaving shears  $7.00

Weavers Spray Stain:  Oak, Walnut, Black Walnut, Maple, Natural  $9.00 per can

Weaving supplies
NEW  Rim Trimming Tool
$10 with case and extra blade.
These work unbelievably well to trim the flat oval rim pieces so they will overlap nicely, also when you are weaving with flat oval and want to trim them to eliminate bulk when adding on a new piece. (the stock I have on hand now are the red handled type)
Prices subject to change.